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Region: Córdoba

Cordoba, a historic city in southern Spain, is a cultural treasure that evokes the rich heritage of Al-Andalus and Roman times. The imposing and iconic monument of the Mosque-Cathedral, with its impressive forest of columns and arches, is the undisputed symbol of the city. Its cobbled streets and flower-decked courtyards reflect an enchanting authenticity. The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs and the Roman Bridge bear witness to its diverse past. Cordoba is also famous for its courtyards, which are dressed with flowers during the Festival de los Patios, a celebration of local tradition. In addition, its bohemian atmosphere is evident in the bars and cafés of the Barrio de la Judería. Cordoba is a fusion of history, stunning architecture and vibrant cultural life, transporting you through the centuries in every corner of the city.