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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Hopefully we can answer them with this selection of frequently asked questions. If not, don't hesitate to contact us. We have provided a form below.

Frequently asked questions

Marinea is a platform where you can discover, in addition to places you didn't know about, places where you can enjoy discounts, promotions and sweepstakes around you.

From restaurants and hairdressers to gyms, vets and clothes shops.

Marinea is a community designed for all of us who like to take advantage of offers and discounts from the local businesses around us. Whether it's booking a table at a local restaurant, booking a stay for your family 400 kilometres away or finding that gym or activity you haven't heard of yet.

Noto add an advertisement on is totally free of charge. We do not charge for it now, nor in the future. You can also purchase some extras, such as better positioning in our directory, etc. 

    1. step: Open a company account (FREE)



2. Once logged in to your account, click on the "Add an ad" button in the top right corner.

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3. Now choose the type of ad you want to add. 

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4. Fill in the form as well as possible... More information gives visitors more confidence and they are more likely to visit you.

Frequently asked questions 3 - Marinea


5. And that's it! Just send the form and we will notify you as soon as it is revised. Thank you very much for trusting us!

To claim your business, first you will have to open a company account (totally free) and once registered you must go to the ad and click on "Claim ad". (Also free) And that's it... Our team will review it and as soon as possible will respond to your request.

You will say... "I already have my Facebook/Google page. I don't need to advertise on". 


Any appearance on the internet will improve your ranking on the internet. We also work on your profile with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that it will appear in the first positions of Google etc. 

We have thematic pages, for example places (e.g. Benidorm)... Someone searches for what to do in Benidorm, and your ad will come up...

The difference between the two accounts is that with the business account you can add your business, you will have your own control panel with statistics, messages, promotions etc. 

With the user account you will be able to leave reviews, send messages to advertisers and see your marked ads. 

The easiest way is, if you have not yet claimed your company, to do so and then you have full control of your ad and can modify it to your liking. 

If, for some reason, you don't want to claim it, you can click on "Report" which you can find in any advertisement, and let us know about the error. We are very grateful for any collaboration.

Claimed or not, as soon as you want to remove your ad from just let us know. You can click on "Report" which you can find in the ad and let us know. 

You can improve your positioning on Marinea by acquiring a promotion. More information can be found at here

Adding a discount to your business will greatly improve your visits. First of all, it will appear in the section of all the ads that have an offer and also, our visitors are mostly looking for offers in their area. So take advantage of this and publish your offer!

HOW? Very easy, as soon as you have made your announcement or you have claimed it. In the form, you will see a section like this: Frequently asked questions 4 - Marinea