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The town of Alfaz del pi

Stories abound at the site known as Alfaz del Pi (in Valencian and officially, l'Alfàs del Pi), which is located in Valencia. Pirates figure prominently in many of these tales. When the town was originally fortified against Barbary corsairs, its main function was to defend the territory. Today, however, the city is mainly a residential area with a high concentration of cultural events. The vast majority of the population is foreign, belonging to 54 different nationalities. They choose to live in a Mediterranean climate thanks to its sunshine and location.

Of 250 inhabitants registered in 1836, Alfaz del Pi has grown to a population of almost 20,500 inhabitants (2022). It is one of the most popular cities in Alicante on the Costa Blanca, where more than a hundred ethnic groups coexist in a perfect international quality of life. Even so, its town centre preserves corners that take us back to a Mediterranean village with an agricultural base. The streets of Baldones, Calvario, el Gallo or Baja, with their narrow streets and traditional houses, or the Plaza Mayor, with its pine tree and the church of San José, evoke a time when people organised their lives around the agricultural cycle, which was marked by the ringing of the bells.

Alfaz del pi - Albir beach area

Its 4 kilometres of coastline include parts of the beaches of Serra Gelada y El Albir with Blue Flag, half a kilometre of stony beaches. Around it is the route that takes us to the Faro del Albir, a watchtower built in the 17th century with a lighthouse that can be visited to contemplate the bay of Albir. AlteaAlbir and the views of the Serra Gelada.

Very close to Altea, but in the town of Alfaz del Pí is the fantastic Playa del Albir. It is a stony beach, but still beautiful. Because of its location and the colour of its waters.

It also has a beautiful promenade. There are two things we definitely recommend: the walk by the sea to Altea, which takes about 20 minutes, or the longer route to the lighthouse, which takes a few hours. Great for hikers.

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The main things to see in Alfaz del Pi are the L'Albir lighthouse next to the ruins of the Bombarda tower which watched over pirate attacks, the Alfonso Yébenes viewpoint, the Delso Museum, the church of San José, the Paseo de las Estrellas which is Alfaz del Pi's promenade, the old 19th century ochre mines at the foot of the Sierra Helada and the remains of a 2nd century Roman villa.

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The most popular activities are bike or scooter rides, horse riding, surfing or paddle surfing in the sea. For all of them there are a variety of establishments that offer these types of activities and where you can rent all the necessary equipment.

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