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Exercise with jumpersThat is our passion and that is what we are dedicated to. Jumpers are an innovative sports shoe, very similar to skates, but with a rebound system instead of wheels. It's like wearing two trampolines on your feet.

With jumpers you can do a thousand things, practically the same as with conventional trainers. There are two main differences between them:

  1. Incredible fun, which they provide to anyone of any age.
  2. Shock absorption up to 80%. Your joints will thank you.

For this reason, they are perfect for any type of leisure activity and above all for any type of physical activity in which it is good for us not to have an impact. For example, they are perfect for people in rehabilitation processes, but they also help to increase the performance of the most trained people and make work much easier for people who are not very impressed. We all evolved with jumpers on our feet.

And that is the second part of our offer: the training programmes. We train instructors who know in detail all the effects of jumpers on our body in order to make the most of them.

Our star product: the Aerower Jumper1.

Our academyat the forefront of fitness: Jumple Academy.

We also have many other things for you: accessories for the activity, complementary training and the best plans for professionals if you become really passionate about this new activity in fitness.

Ask us, we will do our best to offer you the best deals so that you can evolve with the Aerower Jumper1 with Jumple Academy.

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    You can get discounts as a Jumple dealer, distributor or trainer. Find out more, jump at the chance!

    If you are passionate about fitness or sport and would love to dedicate yourself to it, maybe this is the opportunity you have been looking for. Why not?

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