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What to see in Benidorm

what to see in benidorm

What to see in Benidorm

15 places to visit in Benidorm

If you plan to visit Benidorm or you are already in this area of the Marina Baixa and you don't know yet what to see in Benidormhere is a small tour guide so that don't waste your time and make the most of it.

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Content of the blog "What to see in Benidorm".

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Free tours in Benidorm

Benidorm can be seen in many ways, one of which is to take a guided tour. There are both free and paid tours which include different things. This depends on each person and their preferences. Here are some of the guided tours... and if you want to go on your own, the most touristic, historical and cultural places are listed below.

Places to visit in Benidorm

The Benidorm viewpoint

An iconic and famous lookout point at the top of the castle in the old town of Benidormwhere you can see the entire coastline of this town. It is so famous that it has already been made viral on Instagram.
At night it has a beautiful views.

Down the stairs from the belvedere is a small, romantic square.

Originally made of wood, it stands at the top of the natural park of Sierra Gelada.
Here you will be able to see Benidorm in all its splendour.

Views from the Benidorm cross at night.

The island of journalists

This is the name given to the Benidorm Island. It is of great ecological, scenic and environmental interest.
In summer you can buy tickets at the port to visit it.


Museums and shows in Benidorm

Dedicated to historical exhibitions in the municipality of Benidorm. Admission is free.

Benidorm Palace

Benidorm Palace hosts live and unique shows with magic, music, dance, humour and other performances. An international cast of 40 talented artists dress up the palace gala as a real spectacle.

Theme parks in Benidorm

This is what you think of when you wonder what to see in Benidorm with kids. We have other blogs just about the theme parks in Benidorm with more information. here.

If it's summer and you feel like it a day full of water fun with your friends or family, this is the place to be.
Aqualandia is one of the Spain's largest water parks and has many, many slides, for all agespicnic area and food stalls.
Fun is guaranteed!

Mundomar is a park of marine and exotic animals.
The park is located next to the Aqualandia water park and was
opened in 1996. Mundomar includes a dolphinarium and has different animals such as sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, penguins and parrots).

Terra Mitica is a theme park based on ancient civilisations with breathtaking rides and attractions. for all ages and for the whole family.
If you want the adrenaline accompany you, this is your place of leisure.

If you've seen Mundomar and you still want to see more animals, Terra Natura you will be amazed. Terra Natura is a zoo for the whole family and for all ages, and is designed to provide much more than just a leisure and nature activity.

It offers the opportunity to travelling to exotic places in Europe, Asia and Americato discover the folklore, culture, customs, gastronomy, handicrafts and the flora and fauna of these three continents in just one day, all without leaving Benidorm.

As soon as you enter Terra NaturaYou will feel like a traveller about to experience all kinds of adventures, thanks to the themed areas in each zone:

  • South Americawith its magical atmosphere;
  • Asiaa land of spirituality;
  • Europea life by the sea.

The other main protagonists in the park are the animals: there are 1,500 animals belonging to 200 different species, 54 of which are endangered.

The site is fully accessible for the disabled and also has a a water park and a children's play area for younger visitors.

Aqua Natura is a water park located next to Terra Natura, ideal for the whole family to enjoy in summer.

There are many attractions within the park, for children, for families and for adults only.

If you are looking for a day full of adventures, fun and experiences, you can get a Combined ticket with Terra Natura and be the happiest person in the world..

Beaches and coves in Benidorm

This is what you think of when you wonder what to see in Benidorm with kids. We have other blogs just about the theme parks in Benidorm with more information. here.

The Levante beach is a sandy beach in the municipality of Benidorm, bordering to the north with the Sierra Gelada and to the south with the Mirado de Benidorm.
It has a promenade full of hotelsrestaurants, pubs and discotheques.

This is the best area for nightlife.

The Poniente beach is the other big beach of Benidorm and for my taste the most beautiful one, because it has a promenade full of colour and movement.

If you fancy a romantic eveningThe ideal place is the west beach, under the moonlight, holding hands with your partner.

This small beach is located between the beach of levante and westnext to the harbour. From here you can access to the Benidorm viewpoint.

First cove from the north of the Levante beach. It is only possible to access it by going down a dirt track or by making a kayak route.

La cala del Tio Ximo is a small cove situated to the north of the Levante beach, you can take a walk in it. kayak route to visit it.

Parks in Benidorm

The Aigüera Park is a linear park located in the centre of the city of Benidorm. It has a amphitheatre for events and patron saint festivalsa playground with a slide, swings, see-saws and a zip-line. for the little ones. It is bordered to the north by the bullring and to the south by Benidorm town hall.

The Parque de Elche is a centrally located urban park in front of the west beach, next to the port of this large town and full of white pigeons.

So much for our little guide to things to see in Benidorm. If you're a parent and you don't know what to see in Benidorm with childrenWe will soon make a more detailed guide for them.

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what to see in benidorm

What to see in Benidorm

If you don't know what to see in Benidorm and you are already in these areas of the Marina Baixa, don't worry, we have a very useful guide for you to make the most of your time.

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